Hugo Meares

Hugo assists organisations to achieve results by winning pitches, applied training and speaking at conferences.

Creating Winning Pitches

Winning a high-stakes tender is one of the most challenging persuasive situations around. It all comes down to whether or not the other party perceive that you can can deliver better than anyone else.

When your team is spending time and resources on a pitch, are they doing the right things at the right time to ensure that your pitch is as persuasive as possible?

Organisations get Hugo involved in a ‘Pitch Doctor’ capacity to assist them to craft, structure and coach the most persuasive proposal possible.

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One of the most effective returns on investment a company can get is a team with the right people, the right skills and the right attitude for the task at hand… however making all that happen is easier said than done.

Do you spend good money on training yet feel that your direct business result needs to be higher?

Sparkplug Limited specialises in customised, applied training that achieves targeted business results as fast as possible.

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More and more organisations seek speakers who are entertaining, genuine and ‘real world’ for their event. Did your last speaker leave your team with both the tools and the attitude they need to be more effective and make a difference?

Hugo is a sought after speaker on the topic of persuasiveness and pitching your ideas. He draws on his experience as a Pitch Doctor, trainer and coach to deliver his keynote ‘The Craft of Persuasion – Insights of a Pitch Doctor’.

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